Who are we?




We are dedicated to scientific research, for the development and production of supplements to the treaty genetic problems, such as cancer, AIDS, diabetes type. Aimed at achieving welfare and a better quality of life.


Heltex with over 40 years experience in research on the origins of cancer and how to prevent it and treat it through healthy eating and the consumption of dietary supplements Heltex, offering a quality of life and even healing. Thousands of people worldwide have proven the effectiveness and great results Heltex dietary supplements.





Offer and share a life expectancy, changing the lives of people across the range of products Heltex obtained an arduous but successful investigation more than 40 years by the Ing. Salvador Sanchez Rodarte. Sharing their knowledge and providing human welfare.





Make every day the company has access to a better quality of life through the products and services we offer for the treatment of diseases such as genetic character of cancer.











•Right to life.

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Guadalupe, Zac.



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